Research Study Logging System


Logging system will help you store and save various events during the course of your study. In a case of demographic studies, the system stores basic participant information, logs all events related to participant during all study phases such as interviews or questionnaires. Similarly in clinical studies, system can be customized to log any test or clinical trial completed on the subject. In both cases, you will be able to track progress of your study by saving critical study events such as task/personnel assignments, subject or subject group communications, keep and manage vital subject information, have multi-way subject study progress views for any platform (desktop, mobile, web), implement regulatory standards such as HIPAA and have simple reporting for most study events.

Scheduling Systems


Scheduling system will help you productively conduct your studies by organizing and streaming tasks through unique allocation of all resources. It will allow you to organize your resources efficiently, organize your study into phases, assign functional entities to your resources, define custom tasks and assign them to resources, export daily, weekly or monthly tasks to calendars, email or SMS notifications when tasks are assigned, have simple reporting that provides valuable progress and resource utilization reports.

Questionnaires and Online Interviews


Questionnaires and Online Interview solutions implemented with technologies such as Perl, Java, PostgreSQL and Blaise will significantly increase your interviewing process productivity and integrate results into your required data platform. Our Interview software can run on multiple platforms, stationary and mobile for on and off-site interviews.

Advanced Reporting


Data Integration and Advanced Reporting across different solutions support medium and large data collections and applications interoperability (mobile/web, Java, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Hadoop, Cassandra…) with statistical analyses and data analytics, implemented in advanced technologies (R, Python…) and integrated into analytic tools such as SAS.

Medical Billing


Customized solutions for healthcare professionals delivered as Web or Desktop applications satisfying complex needs. It includes diverse features including payrolls, billing, collections, insurance coding and more. It is built on modern and open technologies such as Java, J2EE and PostgreSQL, with high level of system scalability and interoperability.

Data Management & Analytics


Big Data and Data Integration Technology are comprehensive platforms that support the complete solutions in the area of medium and large data management and warehousing with highest level of integration.Data Science and techniques such as Data Mining and Statistical Analysis enable extraction of knowledge from data and helps in pinpointing the right information at the right time, accelerating analyses, and observing the trends that helps to provide complete insights for smarter researches and better decisions.



Security Matters

Secured systems and applications through usage of latest technologies and standards: Perl LDAP, Active Directory, Open SSL, ADF Security, SSL/TLS etc., will fulfill the most rigorous industry requirements and standards supported, such as PCI DSS, EMR, HIPAA and more. Our methodology of system development, implementation and maintenance allows us to conduct complete projects without required access to real client’s data.

Technology Overview